How to Become a Lawyer in Pakistan?

How to become a lawyer in Pakistan?

If you Want to become a Lawyer/ Advocate in Pakistan then here you need to follow the 6 Basic Steps.

The Following Steps are Given Below:

  • Obtain a Bachelor’s Degree
  • Obtain a Law Degree
  • Complete a Practical Training Course
  • Pass the Bar Exam
  • Get a License
  • Join a Law Firm or Start Your Practice

Obtain a Bachelor’s Degree: You must need to obtain a Bachelor’s degree from a university. The degree can be in pre-law program or a social science field

Obtain a Law Degree: After getting the Bachelor’s degree, here your 2nd step to complete a law degree program.

The Law Degree Are Divided into 2 Parts:

Two Year Program

5 year Program (LLB)

Complete Your Practice and Training Course: After complete your law degree, you will need to complete a PTC Course. The PTC Course is called a Professional Training Course (PTC), and this course is offered by the Pakistan Bar Council (PBC). The PTC lasts for six months and is mandatory for anyone who wishes to practice law in Pakistan.

Pass the Bar Exam: After completing the Professional Training Course, your next step to pass the bar exam. The Bar test and Exam is design to test your knowledge and skills related to the Pakistani law and law Procedures.

Get a License: After passed the bar exam, you 2nd step to apply for a license to practice law in Pakistan. The license is issued by the PBC and is valid for three years.

Choose Law firm and Start Your Practice: Now License in your Hand! Here you can either join a law firm or start your practice.

Can We Get Practice in Family or Civil Case After get the License?

Yes! You Can Easily Provide the Services to solve the family and Civil Case.

Which Kind of Cases Include in the Family Matter?

Khula Case

Divorce Case

Talaq Case

Child Custody & Maintenance etc

These are Famous family issue and case in Pakistan.

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