Unmarried/Single Status Certificate in Pakistan


Unmarried certificate in Pakistan is a document which is used a proof for a person being unmarried. The name unmarried certificate itself states the purpose of this document. This certificate is required for multiple purpose. Keep in mind that this certificate is not required in Pakistan for marriage. The Nadra Unmarried Certificate may be required in some other country for the purpose of marriage or visa purpose. In some of the countries unlike Pakistan second marriage is void therefore they require the certificate of being unmarried from Pakistani nationals. In Pakistan second marriage is allowed with certain conditions but this is not the case in all the countries. This is the reason that the unmarried certificate in Pakistan is not required in Pakistan. Our firm which primarily deals with process serving in Pakistan can assist you in obtaining the Unmarried certificate online Pakistan in PDF Format so feel free to contact us on the given number.

Documents Required for Unmarried Certificate in Pakistan:

In order to process your unmarried certificate in Pakistan you need to have the below documents.

  • Pakistani identity card or nicop
  • Passport copy
  • Family members id card copy

Process of Unmarried Certificate in Pakistan:

The process of issuing the certificate includes as below.

  • Provide the relevant documents
  • Hire an expert
  • Required form for issuing the certificate is properly filled.
  • The form and required documents is submitted in the office of local government.
  • The local government verifies the record of nikahnama registration in Pakistan from the marriage registrar of the district and Nadra office.
  • Once the local government receives the record from the nikah registrar who will verify that no record of present marriage exist of the concerned applicant. The Nadra also provides the marital status record of the concerned person. Nadra provides the record of marriage and divorce certificate in Pakistan.
  • Once the record is received by the local government, the department after the prescribed fee issues the unmarried certificate in Pakistan.

Where is this certificate used?

Please make clear that this is not a requirement of Pakistani government. The Pakistani government don’t need your certificate for any reason. This certificate is mostly required by the government of other countries. It may be for the purpose of visa or marriage in other country. When you are marrying in some other country other than Pakistan then the government of such country may require unmarried certificate from you. The Government of other country to make sure that you are single may require you to get unmarried certificate from Pakistan if you are a Pakistani national. Some times when you are registering your marriage abroad while being in Pakistan such as in the case of doing online marriage in Pakistan, you may be required to get this certificate. Every country has its own laws and rules. If for any reason you are required to get an unmarried certificate in Pakistan, then you have to obtain it to fulfill their requirements. The requirements of every country keeps changing.

Unmarried certificate attestation: Normally the unmarried certificate is attested from the marriage registrar of the district and the local government council. It may also be required to be notarized as per the demand of the concerned country. If you are using this certificate abroad then it is required to be attested from ministry of foreign affairs also. Some countries may also require to have Apostille stamp on it.

Unmarried certificate fees in Pakistan: The unmarried certificate fees in Pakistan is nominal. However your agent may charge you for his services.

Unmarried certificate format in Pakistan: The government has given a proper unmarried certificate format in Pakistan to avoid any type of ambiguity.

Unmarried Certificate Online: Is the Overseas Pakistani Can get the Unmarried Certificate Online? Yes but here you need to hire a Lawyer. They Will Prepare the Documents On your Behalf.

Single Status Certificate: The Second Name of Single Status Certificate is Unmarried and Marital status Certificate Pakistan.

Single Status Certificate Cost: The Cost and price of Single Status Certificate is Depend on the Requirements of the client. You Can Also Contact us For the Verification of Khula Certificate from Nadra and Union Council.

Single Status Certificate Fees In Pakistan: The Single Status Certificate (Fee and processing Fees) is depend On the Clinet certificate.

Can We Apply For Single Status Certificate With Online Application: No You Can Not Apply With Online Application. Here you need to get your certificate with help of Lawyers in Lahore. 

Who Can Prepare and Process a Single Certificate in Pakistan Application: Our Lawyer Team in Lahore Will process a application For the Single Certificate in Pakistan.

Can We get the Attested Maritial Status Certificate in Pakistan? Yes! Our Lawyer Team also provide the Attested single Status Certificate.

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